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Vote NO on Amendment 1

2010 October 31

Amendment 1 on the Georgia ballot this coming Tuesday is a terrible thing. It has the potential to make a very real and very negative impact on startups in this state and on the appeal of working here for highly skilled and desired engineers and entrepreneurs.

You likely already know about this amendment. If you do not please read about it and about why it is a bad idea (also the borderline criminal wording this thing will have on the ballot):

In short this amendment is about noncompete agreements and making them more enforceable in the state of Georgia.

Noncompetes are the tool of incompetent, unqualified, and malicious leaders

I challenge anyone to convince me otherwise.

As an employer, are you worried about investing in the training of a new employee and then losing them to a competitor? Pay them right and treat them well and they will not leave. Are you worried about an employee finding a better way to do what your company does, starting a new company, and bringing you down? Pay them right, treat them well (and listen to their ideas) and they will not leave. Are you worried about competitors poaching your best people? Pay them right and treat them well and they will not leave.

If a company refuses to innovate they deserve to lose their best people and to be brought down by faster moving competitors.

Good leaders and good companies don’t need noncompetes. If an individual wants to foster a sterile, anemic culture and pay low wages they deserve to be alone and out of business and should not have the crutch of a noncompete to lean on.

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  1. October 31, 2010

    I’ve been asked by a few people about this and want to be quite clear. This post is directed squarely at the sort of business leaders that would try to push this amendment through.

    Employees leave sometimes and often it simply is due to preference or misalignment of work and interests. Sometimes there is nothing mean or malicious in play, fair point. This post is not directed at those scenarios.

    Also, noncompetes are indeed common in Georgia right now but generally not worth worrying about because they are not enforceable and in many cases are indeed quite reasonable or excluded from the hiring paperwork package completely. This post is obviously not directed at ALL companies that have these in their HR process, only at those that are trying to give them teeth. If I didn’t put a twang of edge in this post no one would read it.

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